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Setting The Standard Since 1980.

About Us

Summers Roofing was founded by James Summers Sr. in 1980. Since then Summers Roofing has became the preferred roofing contractor for Pawleys Island and surrounding areas. Installing both residential and commercial in one of the worlds most beautiful towns means we’re very conscious to detail, aesthetics, and originality. Over the last 40 years the roofing industry has seen significant change, and we’ve lived through it all. Having stood the test of time, Summers Roofing as a company has continued to grow and flourish because of our willingness to change and learn from our experiences. All while adhering to the certain core principles the company was founded upon and implemented daily by Mr. Summers himself.

Core Principles

Of those core principles, commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship are at the top. These are the two that Mr. Summers founded his company on nearly 40 years ago, and continues today through all his employees; on every job with every customer. What that means is your new roof is only the beginning of our commitment to quality and satisfaction. Aside from our standard warranty that encompasses workmanship on every new roof we install; Summers Roofing is also certified / authorized to repair every roof system we offer by that manufacturer. Therefore, if unforeseen water intrusion occurs our customers can be assured their roof is repaired correctly by a trained technician who knows their roof.

Finally, to assist our customers and ensure they get the proper service life out of their investment, Summers Roofing offers RoofWatch. A professionally managed proactive – preventative maintenance program that guards against leaks and increases the life expectancy of a roof; peace of mind, our customers do not have to worry about their roof, at installation or down the road.


Mr. Summers was born in Charleston SC on May 23, 1955. Frequently visiting Pawleys Island he moved and made it his home in 1969, where he has been a solid part of the Pawleys Island community himself ever since. We’ve embraced the “more than your average roofers” mentality, and we are proud to serve our small town community in a variety of roles. Supporting various programs, schools, business’s and local law enforcement along the way. “These are our friends and neighbors, the people we see at the grocery store during the week, or local football games on Friday nights, Pawleys Island is my home!” – James Summers Sr.


  • Schools – We are proud supporters of all Georgetown County Schools. Having supported athletic teams, boosters, and various other events throughout the years.


  • Local Law Enforcement – We support our local law enforcement in any way we can. From doing full roofs to repairs to sponsoring local events.
  • 2019 Sheriff’s Calendar Artwork

  • United Way – Summers Roofing has worked hand in hand with United Way to help bring better living to lower income residence of the community.

  • American Veterans – We are proud supporters of all Armed Forced and American Veterans.