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Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing has been used for centuries. It’s hard to beat the durability and appearance of a slate roof, but there are still a couple pros and cons to consider as I’ve mentioned below. Slate is offered in a variety of styles and colors, and will have your home looking beautiful for many years to come.


  • Aesthetics
  • Longevity
  • Increased Home Value
  • 100% Fire Resistant System
  • Wind Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Weight
  • Price
  • Fragile
  • Complex Installation


Why hire Summers Roofing?

A Slate roof is one of the most difficult materials to install correctly. Summers Roofing has been installing and repairing slate for over 30 years. Most manufacturers offer a 100 year material warranty, in order to achieve your manufacturers material warranty, you are required to use the right accessories but more importantly a licensed roofing contractor. AtFree Estimate Button Summers Roofing we are fully aware of the correct accessories and metal flashing materials that must be used in order to achieve these warranties.

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Aesthetics – One of the most attractive features of slate is its natural beauty. Slate will enhance the look of any home, and is available in a variety of natural slate colors and textures. Slate shingles are shaped by hand to meet specific requirements and can be custom made in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Regardless of its age, slate will maintain its distinctive appearance.

Longevity – When it comes to longevity few roofing materials can compete with slate. A slate roof will easily last over 100 years, which is at least double of what other roofing materials can offer. Many slate roofing manufacturers offer a 100 year warranty on their slate roofing systems. Slate does not absorb water the way cedar shakes do, meaning they wont rot, get fungi or mold. Also, as you can see, slate holds up very well against hail as well. For people who do not plan to ever sell their home, the incredible longevity of slate is a highly desirable benefit.

Increased Home Value – Installing a slate roof on a house, greatly increases its resale value. Moreover, slate’s permanence, durability and aesthetic appeal will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell it.

100% Fire Resistant System – Due to the materials and accessories used for a slate roof system, it offers a completely fire resistant roof option.

Wind Resistant – While the weight of slate can deter some homeowners, others choose slate for this exact reason. Traditional Roofing Magazine posted an article in 2006 title, HURRICANE FORCE WINDS AND HOW THEY AFFECT SLATE ROOFS, this article is a must read to fully understand how wind resistant slate truly is.

Environmentally Friendly – Slate’s longevity makes it an environmentally friendly roofing choice. Roofing waste from roofs that get replaced every 10-20 years currently accounts for 5% of all construction waste that fills up our shrinking landfill space. With a slate roof, you will not be contributing to this problem.

Price – This is the major reason many homeowners don’t choose to go with a slate roof. Proper installation of slate requires soldered copper metal flashing’s, and the cost of natural slate ranges from $5.00 to $8.00 per square foot for materials alone, depending on styles and thicknesses. However, the reason proper installation requires soldered copper in the first place, is because it’s the only formable metal material that will last as long as your slate roof system is designed to last. Imagine having a beautiful slate roof on your home that will be in the family for generations and never having to worry about having to repair or replace your roof. That’s the comfort you get when hiring Summers Roofing to install your slate roof. On the other hand, imagine having to replace the valley metal in the picture shown to the right, this valley when installed properly will have roughly 20 inches on each side underneath the slate. This is a major repair that will cost thousands of dollars, that’s why using a heavy enough gauge copper for all your flashing’s is so important.

Weight – One of the drawbacks of slate for some homeowners is the heavy weight of slate roofing, which can range from 800 – 1,500 pounds per square (100 square feet). Consequently, not all homes have the structural support necessary to take the weight of a slate roof, and often additional reinforcement needs to be installed. As General Contractors we have the ability and personnel to handle any structural needs your roof requires before the installation of the slate.

Fragile – While slate is a very durable material, it can break if stepped on. You should not walk on slate tiles unless you know what you are doing, otherwise you will most likely damage some of them. Once a slate tile is broken, replacing it is a complicated task. Slate runs by lots and each lot is different, which makes it nearly impossible to find replacement tiles that are a perfect match.

Complex Installation – The key to slate’s longevity is proper installation. If a slate roof is not properly installed, it could easily become the cause of some major roof problems. Slate is a very specialized roofing system and installing it correctly does require some proper training and experience. The reality is that most roofers do not have this experience, yet many will readily agree to install your slate roof anyway! Do not fall into this trap, and only hire an experienced roofing contractor.