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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing, like shingles come in many different shapes and sizes. However, not all of them may be the correct product for you depending on your geographical location. Before deciding on a panel/color combination please read our post titled, Choosing the correct metal roof material based on your geographical location. You are also welcome to call or email us to have a professional help you make the right decision.


Metal can be broken down into two basic categories:

Snap Lock Panel

Concealed Fastener Panels are offered in a few different profiles, but the most common for residential being a 1½” Snap Lock panel with a Kynar 500® finish, as seen to the left. Concealed fastener systems offer the longest warranty periods and lowest maintenance required of any other metal product available.

Exposed Fastener Panels are also offered in different profiles. 5-V panels and Multi-Rib / Rib-Lock (as seen on more commercial buildings)5-V Metal Panel are the most common. The picture on the right is a 24″ wide 5-V panel with a Clear Acrylic finish. Exposed fastener systems are mostly installed using 26 or 29 gauge Galvalaume with a Siliconized Modified Polyester finish or a Clear Acrylic mill finish. For more information on different panel types and materials please read.

Why choose Summers Roofing?

Did you know…

Summers Roofing installed their first Standing Seam metal roof in Pawleys Island, SC in August of 1990.

  • Experience – We have been installing metal roofs on the grand strand since 1990 and are fortunate enough to still have 4 employees that are still with us from that time.
  • Professional Installers – Those 4 employees have since moved on to supervising and training positions within our company to ensure that we continue our high level of quality workmanship. All new installers are thoroughly trained, educated and certified by professionals with 20+ years experience, and maintain proper supervision.
  • Price – Our owner, James A. Summers opened Coastal Metal Fabrication, LLC. in early 2006. Coastal Metal Fabrication supplies roofing materials to several roofing companies in the surrounding areas, allowing Summers Roofing to buy the best materials at the most competitive prices.
  • Knowledge – This reflects back on our experience, installers and supervisors. However, Summers Roofing has been trained and certified by not only Coastal Metal Fabrication, but several other industry leading manufacturers. Always making us a great choice for any of your metal roofing needs.
  • Honesty – Founder and CEO James Summers has built this company from the ground up based on two main principles, “Honesty and Professionalism”. When Mr. Summers started the company in Pawleys Island, 1981, he had already been a resident and member of the community for almost 15 years. “This is our home, and our customers are our friends and neighbors.” You’ll always get our honest opinions, you’ll never have to worry about being sold something you don’t need or the wrong products.