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Metal Colors

Metal Coils

At Summers Roofing we manufacture the majority of our metal products in house. Including over 10 different standing seam profiles, 5-V Panels, and all the custom trim required for these systems. Once you have selected a gauge and color we order the prepainted coils and flat sheets and manufacture the entire roof package custom for your home with all proper lengths and angles. The suppliers we use for our Kynar 500 and Siliconized Polyester prepainted metal materials depend mostly on the gauge/color combo selected by the homeowner and availability.


See colors and other related information about our most used metal distributors below.

PLEASE REMEMBER: FINAL COLOR SELECTIONS SHOULD BE MADE USING A PHYSICAL SAMPLE. Colors in photos below should only be used as a guideline and not for your final selection. Please contact Summers Roofing for physical samples.

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Percentage of solar reflectivity is noted in parentheses after each color. All but metallics are direct deposit paint samples. Metallics are representative ink colors.

Silver (44%)
Aged Copper (40%)
Snowdrift White (67%)
Champagne (44%)
Slate Grey (40%)
Terra Cotta (28%)
Cape Blue (41%)
Seaport (30%)
Bone White (58%)
Copper Penny (36%)
Musket Grey (34%)
Red Clay (28%)
Slate Blue (32%)
Teal Green (26%)
Stone White (56%)
Roman Bronze (33%)
Sage (32%)
Banner Red (37%)
Pacific Blue (28%)
Classic Green (29%)
Almond (54%)
Mansard Brown (33%)
Charcoal Grey (30%)
Colonial Red (35%)
Royal Blue (**)
Hartford Green (28%)
Sierra Tan (36%)
Dark Bronze (32%)
Matte Black (29%)

Cordovan (34%)


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Terra Cotta
Aged Copper
Solar White+
Surrey Beige
Colonial Red+
Patina Green
Regal White+
Ash Gray+
Sierra Tan+
Regal Red*
Hemlock Green*
Stone White
Dove Gray
Medium Bronze+
Hartford Green+*
Slate Blue
Slate Gray+
Mansard Brown+
Matte Black+
Regal Blue+*
Charcoal Gray+
Dark Bronze+

Metallic Colors___________________________________ Non-Painted

Pre-Weathered Galvalume*
Acrylic Coated Galvalume

Weathered Colors___________________________________________

Galv-Ten Raw*
Copper-Ten Raw*
Cor-Ten AZP Raw*



* Available at a slightly higher price. + Available in 26ga SMP * Also available in Robust.

Colors shown are matched as accurately as possible, but may vary slightly from finished product. These rich and vibrant colors are produced with either Kynar 500­ or Hylar 5000 resins, which provide superior color retention and allow Sheffield Metals to offer non-prorated coating warranties for most applications. Coating warranty varies for Regal Red, Matte Black, Copper, Champagne, Silver, and Pre-Weathered Galvalume. Steelscape’s Vintage carries a 20 year Finish Warranty. Please Contact your representative for more information.


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RIB LOC® in 29 ga and 26 ga is painted with Siliconized-Polyester paint system.

Seafoam White
Cool Color

Sunrise Red Cool Color
Scarlett Red
Cool Color
Teak Brown Cool Color
Sand Dune Cool Color
Gulfstream Blue
Cool Color
Marsh Gray Cool Color
Deep Green
Cool Color
Sun Tan Cool Color
Black Beard Cool Color
Charcoal Cool Color
Acrylic Coated Galvalume
Copper Penny
Cool Color Premium Color 29ga. ONLY
G-90 Galvanized
29ga. ONLY
Burgundy Cool Color

Burnished Slate
Cool Color

Colors are represented as closely as possible.
If color match is critical, please request a physical sample.


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