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Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common residential roofing material used today. At Summers Roofing we are properly trained and certified by the industries leading manufacturers, to ensure we can offer the best products on the market. Architectural shingles have become the industry standard as far as asphalt shingle products in coastal states.

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Shingles can be broken down into three basic categories:

3-Tab: 3-Tab’s where basically the first3Tab Shingle Icon machine cut asphalt shingle in production. They have been around for many years, however 3-Tab shingles are becoming a thing of the past. Why? Well a 3-Tab shingle is only made of a single layer with tabs cut into the lower section. This design makes it more susceptible to wind damage, and with the light weight of the tabs makes it easier for nails to back out causing potential leaks. 3-Tabs remained popular for several years even after the release of Architectural shingles in the 1970’s, this was largely in part to the price. 3-Tab shingles have always been the cheaper of the asphalt shingle options, but with the rise in popularity of Architectural shingles due to its design benefits, the current price difference is closer than ever. You can expect to save a couple hundred dollars using 3-Tab shingles depending on the size of your house, but maintenance and repairs will be required more frequently and you will have have to replace your entire roof 5 – 7 years sooner. Making its successor, Architectural shingles, the more viable option of the two. While we at Summers Roofing will install 3-Tab shingles upon special request in particular areas, we do not recommend them.

Architectural: Architectural shingles, also known as, Dimensional or Laminate shingles, are the industry standard asphalt shingle product. Unlike their predecessor, Architectural shingles are composed of two layers of material laminated together, with the top layer having tabs that vary in size and position, this is what gives them their “dimensional” look. Architectural shingles do weigh more than 3-Tab shingles. In fact, they weigh nearly 50 percent more than the standard asphalt 3-Tab shingles.  With the weight and the design improvements they are rated to resist higher speeds of wind and manufactures are offering longer warranty periods with various warranty options. Architectural shingles can also help maintain or raise the value of your home.

Designer (Premium): Finally we have Designer shingles. Designer or Premium shingles covers a very large spectrum, all of the leading shingle manufacturers offer multiple different variations of their shingles. Designer shingles are an upgrade from the Architectural shingle and depending on the manufacture, have different warranties, specifications and styles available. These products can range all the way from the cost of an architectural roof to the cost of a metal roof. Please visit our individual manufacture pages to view more options.